PhotoWP for Sandbox

Everybody knows that lacks a photoblogging theme. To be fair, there’s not a vast selection available for either. I think most photographers realise there are other tools out there which do the job better. Nonetheless, we now have 3GB available for image storage and some people may wish to use it. Enter PhotoWP for Sandbox, an uber-minimal theme which ensures all eyes are on your images:

Basically it emulates the appearance of Steven Campbell’s PhotoWP theme (link seems to be down at the moment), though obviously I can’t replicate the functionality.

To get the best out of this theme, try not to post anything wider than 600px (decent browsers will resize anything, of course, but I can’t speak for IE6) and display only one post per page (Options > Reading > Blog Posts).

You know the drill. Select ‘Sandbox-10’ under ‘Presentation’, head for ‘Custom CSS’, copy/paste the contents of photowp.txt in the textarea and make sure the ‘Start from scratch and just use this’ option is selected. Save, view, tweak as much as you like, feel free to pimp in the forums 🙂

24/09/08: updated to support the new gallery features like captions and positioning classes. Yeah, I know they’re not that new anymore, but all the photobloggers are using Monotone these days anyway…

2 thoughts on “PhotoWP for Sandbox

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  2. Nice work. This should fit the bill for those bloggers who are continuously posting to the support and ideas forums requesting a photoblog theme.

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