On this site, you’ll find copy-and-paste stylesheets for use with the custom CSS upgrade on wordpress.com. Although there are a number of themes here available for everyone to use, not everyone wants their blog to look the same as thousands of others. At the same time, not everyone has the time, skills, or inclination to make their own skin from scratch. No prior knowledge of CSS is required to copy and paste these templates (though it is recommended, since there’s bound to be some things you want to tweak).

All the skins are GPL, so you’re free to modify them as much or as little as you choose. They can also be used with the self-hosted version of WordPress (providing you have Sandbox installed). Some are original, some have been adapted from existing wordpress.org themes.

I’ve been designing diary and blog templates on and off for about seven years, beginning on diaryland and progressing to… well, pretty much most others you can think of. I started using wordpress’s predecessor b2 in the autumn of 2002, switched to wordpress about a year later, and have been on wordpress.com since it was in beta and you needed to pretend you were using Flock to sign up 😉

If you’re interested in my other work, my main template site is here (nothing there at the moment, mind) and my wp-related snark is here.

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